Creative activism


One of our core objectives is to involve excluded groups and individuals in our research and communication processes at the highest possible level and make them aware which tools are available to express their interests the best. We also aim at training them to expand the acquired skills to any other challenging situations they encounter. We consider creative activism and expressing personal narratives specifically with the visual methods a very important and powerful tool for social change. The projects introduced here, designed and implemented by Diána Berecz, PAD Director during her collaboration with Menedék– Hungarian Association for Migrants, share a commitment to strong participatory and emancipatory methods and give the organisation a strong direction for our future work.

Velkám Májgrentsz! – Video campaign
The participatory video-series and apartment rental program called Welcome Migrants! was created with the contribution of Hungarian celebrities and migrants, who spent some days together and documented that time by themselves. The campaign and the apartment rental program aimed to help migrants, who live and wish to stay in Hungary, to find a flat easier, and also approximate for the majority of Hungarians the stories of migrants in their own very personal voice.

Media Youth Camp
The camp was an intensive one week workshop with the good practices of the one year project on identity, Stereotypes and Discrimination in the Media. Participants learned to use visual tools to understand and destruct the scemes used by mainstream media for stereotyping and discriminating groups and individuals and were also challenged change the visual narrative of such messages.

Mimédia- Participatory Media Project for Students
The one year project aimed to increase and strengthen the openness of secondary school-age children and highschool students on diversity and migration with the responsible and critical use of the media tools, as their strongest communication form. Participants were from schools in Budapest with remarkable number of children with migrant and roma background. The project included various activites, such as weekly photography and filmcourses, focusing on the contextual frame of identity building, common outside school activites connected to different cultural events, and ended in a street exhibiton and printed publication of the stories and pictures of the participants, as well as group owned blog page.