Multi-purpose Coppice Woodland

Multi-purpose coppice woodland

Socially and environmentally conscious agroforestry initiative

2019 —

Vargha Sára, Gombos Károly, Papp Gergely, Kiefer Henrik, Berecz Diána

Gergely Papp

In the multi-purpose coppice woodland project, PAD combines ecological and social design to mitigate fuel poverty of vulnerable communities. With the involvement of local communities we establish coppice woodland plantations that will provide wood fuel as well as additional yields, such as fruits, berries or honey, and will also increase biodiversity, improve microclimates and mitigate air pollution. The first test plantation has been established in 2019 in Zsámbok, on the land of an organic vegetable producer in partnership with Cargonomia. Our research partners are the Hungarian Forest Research Institute, the Ecological and Sustainable Production Systems Department of Szent Istvan University and the Hungarian permaculture Association.